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Lately i was doing my Culti quest, which was the first quest ( it popped up) and when i went to the quest list, i saw only that one culti and started doing it. Later i noticed that i have taken somehow the Culti : Wraith`s Ploy and started doing it ( didn`t finish yet). I am not Aware of the Void (First Demon quest finsihed)

Some people told me that i lose my sparks and never get them back and I would have to make a new character.
Please guys help me figure out what happens if I don`t do cultis in order. Thanks

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Just don't continue the Wraith's Ploy questline. If you do a lower cultivation, it will mess things up.

Just continue on with your normal demon quests. Be sure to only do the quests in this guide:

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Wraith's Ploy / Last Hope is Old Heaven's Tear quest chain that isn't connected to the main cultivation quests. On official server this quest chain is required for opening OHT maps, but here it doesn't have any special use. Completing it doesn't give any rewards (except maybe level 100 gold belt) and will not make you lose your sparks. All low level cultivation quests that would make you lose your sparks are disabled here.
To get your third fairy you can either follow the Master of Discord / Celestial Demon quest chain or use Third Demon Fairy from the boutique.

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Agatio thank you man for the info. Love u and ur server <3