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10 times voting get nothing

Offline walktru

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can you fix this?
how am I suppose to survive on the game if I increase too slow



If you aren't receiving your Gold, please make sure that you are voting from one account.
Voting from many accounts at same time is abusing the free Cubi system and it will result
in not receiving any Gold at all and in possible ban.

If you are having troubles getting your Gold while voting from one account please wait patiently
around 20 minutes and relog from game.

If the Gold still doesn't come, please make new post in our helpdesk section using your forum
account and you will receive help.

Offline walktru

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I had 1 toon on this acc
and its lvl 148 sin
I'm new tho
and yes
I only use one acc to vote, which is this acc
from the day 1 I use vote until now
and wait 20 min?
I already wait thousands minute >.>

Offline ☠EvilTouch☠

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sometimes it takes time :/
if it takes more than 24hours please let us know through the Helpdesk section: