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Epic PW TW - Ducks vs Xpendable

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got asked by a friend to post it, hare it is, enjoy peeps:

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nice video again

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that lag on beggining lol

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that lag on beggining lol

ROFL! XD I was like " Did my adobe just crash or was that him ? "

Just curious King. Were you in defense squad or an attack squad ?

Dad+Lust. I sucked on her female balls while she benchpressed me and my computer.

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Quote from: Agatio on 8/21/2013 at 03:59:55 pm
I spam dartle on demon spark, bitch please

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-10 FPS Np sir.
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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The lag is real :x Nice job chubby and gf once again
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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king_lag, king_asset.

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I died a lot. :( GF.