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I went through all 3 of my bosses for Spirtual Cultivation quest. Last being Rancid Venerator it showed nothing left the 0/1 disapeared like the rest. But when i left dungeon it showed 0/1 of Rancid Venerator again. I'm assuming its bugged?So how can i complete my Cultivation i need that it to have Spiritual Harmony for my advanced skills to be learned?

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You can buy Third Sage Fairy (Third Demon Fairy if you're Demon, but if you need SoT for culti then you're going Sage O.O) and it gives you max cultivation for all the skills, unless you wanna do the whole culti to be able to switch, idk O.O

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yes save yourself the trouble and do culti up to Brim or Eden then buy the third fairy sage or demon an be Clelstial !! so much easier and only 4 goldi in the voteshop.
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It's a nice bug to know about regardless. Tested it on my alt to see if I could get the kill for culti and I also was not able to receive the kill in my quest log.

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I would like to point out that this bug is still good to know, because if you want to switch cultis you do need to do it anyways; whether or not you've used the third fairy.

But yeah, otherwise it's the easiest way.

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