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Vionn 15k, white voodoo

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here it is Vionn, you said lies, I provide proof :))


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100% edited.... nah jk... gz
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*


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"General Discussion."

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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[6:29:11 PM] Nathaniel | Vionn: what
[6:29:16 PM] Nathaniel | Vionn: are you talking about
[6:29:27 PM] Nathaniel | Vionn: i killed you like 3-0 when you asked for 1v1 on sin lol
[6:29:35 PM] Nathaniel | Vionn: then you begged for more in pms when i went to pk

He can't post :((

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LOOOOOOOOL. You think you're at least a decent sin? Look at your genie. Occult ice type sin, no expel either. Worthless This is why this patch is bad in part, bullshit sins like you, just get a God of Frenzy dagger and spam Elimination along with Life Hunter + Occult ice like retarded, then act big. Anyways good game.  :normal-41:  :normal-36:

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This is cute but not the place to post. Locked.