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Ubuntu 15.04 - Guide to Installing & Playing EPW

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A simple guide for those trying to play EPW on Ubuntu through wine. This should work on other linux distros too, but purely based on Ubuntu as it's what many would associate with the starter OS for all linux first-timers, and probably the easiest to use.

Step 1:  (Installing Wine)

Open the 'Ubuntu Software Centre' (Or your distros. alternative), then search for 'Wine' and install it. Or use the command line, 'sudo apt-get install Wine', in terminal. If you choose to download via the 'Ubuntu Software Centre', please note that running 'sudo apt-get update' in terminal after your installation is advisable.

Step 2:  (Checking if Wine is 32/64-bit platform)

Open up 'File Manager/Files', and go to 'Home'. Type Ctrl + H at the same time to reveal the hidden files and folders, and then search for '.Wine'. Open this folder and then open one of the following; "System.reg, user.reg or userdef.reg" . Check the 4th line down to see if it says 32/64. If it says 32, skip to Step 4.

Step 3:  (Changing the .wine prefix to a 32-bit program)

Note; this is only for people who found that their program was 64-bit in Step 2. If your's was 32-bit, please skip to Step 4.

Back-up all files that you currently have installed in the Wine C: drive, or wherever inside of the .Wine prefix. (You can do this by moving it to a folder outside of Wine). Open Terminal, either by using the Start Icon or pressing Ctrl + Alt + T, and then type 'rm -r ~/.wine'. Once you have typed that, type 'WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine winecfg'. This should create a 32-bit .wine prefix, and it is advisable to check (~/home/.wine) once again.

Step 3:  (Installing the required DLL files in Winetricks)

Click the start icon, type in Winetricks and open the program. Select 'Select the default wineprefix' and then press OK, then select 'Install a Windows DLL or Component' and press OK. Tick the following files, then press OK:

"d3dx10, d3dx11_42, d3dx11_43, d3dx9, d3dx9_26, d3dx9_28, d3dx9_31, d3dx9_35, d3dx9_36, d3dx9_39, d3dx9_42, d3dx9_43, d3dxof, devenum, dinput, dinput8, dirac, directmusic, directplay, directx9, dmsynth, dotnet20, dsound, ie7, msls31, pngfilt, quartz, vcrun2008, wininet, wsh56vb, xmilite."

Step 4:  (Installing the Client/Game)

Install the .zip file via your preferred choice (Torrent/DirectDL/Mediafire). Extract to your desired location, which does not have to be inside the .wine prefix file. And open Patcher, patch the game. And load it. You're ready to play!

Step 5: (Maintaining a high FPS in-game)

If you find you're having issues with low FPS/Quality in-game, then go ahead and open Terminal (Alt-T) and then type in...

"sudo apt-get build-rep wine"

which should install the following.


If you have any issues, don't hesitate to PM me.

Good luck & Happy gaming!

P.S. Some of the information might be outdated as I've adapted it from my previous discontinued 14.10 guide.
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Things to do:

- Add FAQ.
- Add known unfixable bugs.
- Add images to make it more simple (Will do this once I can get a Windows 10 & Ubuntu 15.04 dual boot)
- Add pretty banner image.
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Bump. Rolling this guide back out.  :normal-1: