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Epic Perfect World - Jsonmyfeet

Enjoy the video from best mage in the universe.


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Nice video Flawless's apprentice. : ))

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Least we know what you were doing while playing   :)).

Dad+Lust. I sucked on her female balls while she benchpressed me and my computer.


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Get like us.
King Music :ddd

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lol challenged pk lelo, gf, good video kiddy  ;)


Man, the songs, for real.
I'm still listening to them.

Too lazy to look for em so I play the video and just listen to it while PKing.

#NoLife, ik


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Nice to see from a mage perspective (since you mostly record from sin/ea) , good pk and good video  ;)

Was a fun PK  :smiley:

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 :normal-26: snoop lion  :normal-26: tobias sweeden legacy good only xpendable win

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Naice vid-ay-oh.

Was there supposed to be music for the last minute or nah!?
Naice vid-ay-oh.

Was there supposed to be music for the last minute or nah!?
nah couldn't find anything

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King vid Maxy  ;)
bad ea, bad squad leader, bad squad,terrible person, good pk.

just kidding love you babe.