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Vote problems with two people in the house

Offline Hatrusta

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Hello dear community epw I have a question, me and my brother play epw and naturally want auh always to far I vote wanted to ask if it is ok did we turn the router on and off so did the ip addresse is always changing and we then vote can

LG Hatrusta :smiley:


That is not allowed. lol You'll have to just take turns voting. :/

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It's not allowed and you have to deal with it. :/ or you can use yourr and your brother's phone net to vote. (Or your neighbor's wifi)


pretty sure everyone has cell these days so one can simply vote by using mobile network(not wifi) while other vote on pc

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Yeah, when my husband used to vote, I used my phone. 

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im dondt have Internet of my mobile phone -.-

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that was the same problem we have in here we have 1 ip address but i change my network (just to vote) and i can vote now.. :P

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