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So, i was browsing Gtop100 and i saw this server at rank 2! I never played perfect world so i was wondering, is this game/community noob friendly? Is it a really hard learning curve? Thanks in advance!


1. no
2. yes

you're going to have to invest a decent amount of time + energy or money to get level cap, gear cap and decently educated about the server. there's plenty of guides and helpful people though if you put forth the effort

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Is it worth spending the time?


yeah, i think so. as far as i know it's the largest and most active private server so there's more pk, bigger tws, a substantially more diverse community and enough pve/pvp for people who prefer either or a mix of both.

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Thanks Downloading NOW!  :smiley:

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We are one of the most populated pservers out there atm and have been for quite awhile, so I'd think that says something about the server itself.. We do have quite a diverse group of ppl playing, From the EXTREMELY helpful to the online trolls xD. Just remember once you do join the server do not hesitate to msg a Staff member with any questions or concerns. Good Luck and Happy Gaming
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It's worth it.

My husband is usually anti-private server, and I managed to get him to join Epic and he liked it.  Granted, he found Minecraft now [/salty] but both of us quit retail for Epic and never regretted it.

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If you're still waiting to download, reading a few guides will give you some idea where to begin.

Leveling isn't hard really, it's just time consuming and repetitive. You can hit 150 in a few days if you're committed to it.

There's relatively new exp quests now that a lot of us didn't have back when we leveled and such. Nothing major but if it saves a doing a few instances.. why not? You can get one at Gods Giving and one in Morai. The one from GG took me from like 110-118. Frost gives more exp now as well, I believe.

As for gearing up as a new player after you hit 150... do your BH's(BH2's will help level a bit too) and pray you get blue quests. GM PvE events happen fairly often so that'll help. There are a few quests that give a little bit of EC and ST. If it's worth doing, it'll be in the guide section.(http://epicpw.com/guides/a-guide-to-guides/ if you haven't already checked.) I suggest always doing Ares/Morai events on Saturday. It will slowly get you items to reforge your r8 or get engraves.

You can send me a PM on here if you have any questions. :]

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Another question, What is a good class to start with on EPW?

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Another question, What is a good class to start with on EPW?
Any class you enjoy playing. I started with my usual Cleric then Veno then all the rest, I like learning how to play each class myself. As far as which to play do you like ranged fighters, up close, do you like to damage deal, or heal? Have you played any other perfect world server, or are you coming in as a total new person to PW? With 10 classes, and 2 different cultivation choices for each class that is essentially 20 different characters and playing possibilities, even more if you add in pets for the venos and mixing gear for example a heavy armor magic user.  If you want fast and easy to level, I suggest an assassin or a seeker or a barb. Good luck and welcome to (in my opinion) the best PW gaming server, where the developer tries his best for balance, and tries to keep things a good mix of pvp and pve.

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Last time I checked, we're still number 1


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I've never played PW or any other server before im coming in as a newcomer to this game, probably going with an Assasin

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It's easier to learn how to play a class on a private server than the real game, so you're fine. You'll probably get quite confused in your first week or so here, but good luck. And hope to see you around.

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Last time I checked, we're still number 1

nop, we're not #1 in overall p.server,

maplestory p.server is #1

epw #2 sadly



happy gaming sir/maam
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