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Hey all,

The name speaks for itself. We are a helpful, fun group of people who want other players who are keen to help!

At the moment, we are lv.3 but with growing numbers every day we're hoping to boost that up quick. Some of our base mats include level scrolls, chrono leaves/stones and more.

Our leader's name is Beautykille and tbh she's pretty awesome. She has some great advice and won't treat you like a noob for those simple questions that we all have at some point! We have great Marshals/Directors/Execs who all have some experience playing PW as well. We're hoping this post helps! Contact one of us in game! Our names are Poppa, Triplelift, Crossin, metta, Urbaaniaa, BlackPaw and Seluvia. Or, if none of us are online, simply reply here and one of us will get back to you asap. :)

**We ask that all new members be lv.135+, however we will accept 130 as long as you get those levels ;) we also ask that you complete your base quests daily. And please, don't join us if you just want us to do your quests FOR YOU. Our name is "Helpful", not "illcarryyouonmybackok". That's about it!**
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Good luck with your faction ^_^

And please, don't join us if you just want us to do your quests FOR YOU. Our name is "Helpful", not "illcarryyouonmybackok".

My favourite part  :normal-47:

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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Hahah, it's happened a couple times!! Maybe I'm mean but my cat likes me so idec~


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Good luck  ;)
Oh wait.
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You rock Urby!!  And yeah what he said come on and check us out help us grow and we'll help you!
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Good luck with ur new fac

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just a little bump right here :P
good people and good times, just what the game is meant for. :)

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Heya there! I am June. I would like to join if possible. I am an old player but I keep taking long breaks so I can't really say I know how to play this. In fact I don't know :D I thought It would be nice to have someone to guide me and truly explain this game to me. I am not a constant player because I am in a college and It keeps me very busy sometimes, which also got me kicked from my previous guild. I am quite upset about that because I think I was one of rare people who would actually do daily faction quests... I would be truly happy to have someone because I keep soloing things and it is really hard when I got no idea how to progress or which way should I go. I keep finding out so much new stuff that I am confused about that it makes me feel like I've never played this game before lol. I can't even craft my own stuff geez xD So If you wouldn't mind me being inactive from time to time, I would gladly get you some faction points in exchange for your family protection :)

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Gdluck with ur guild and btw u need to change ur charm <33