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I know there are tons of threads like this, but my case is kind of different, I been in the game for like 4 weeks I guess, already made an EA, a WR and a Wizard, trying to figure out which class I enjoy the most (in pk).

Right now I'll go for either Psy or Sin, on all servers I've played I was a Psy (I assume I am an alright one who kind of knows what he's doing). I am also pretty familiar with being a DPH sin, I don't wanna create both classes since PV became so boring to me lately, just doing the same thing over and over again, it aint no fun.

Which class will be more FUN in PK? Idc about winning all fights, and I don't really know how Psys do over here. So just lemme know what do you think I should go for, taking into consideration my priority is 1v1 since I'm in a small family faction :) Thank you for your time (:


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make a Sin. it's really fun to play especially if you don't care so much about winning. 
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psy can camp white like most baddies do, but sin is even more scrub. All u do is dish out aps heiros or dph bypasses. Sins r for pussies.

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Sin is for 1v1's but is also more for nubs (considering this cuz most just stun+aps). I vote on a psy.

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As you hate pv lvling psy much easier to lvl in pv than sin, so pick psy. Can Also lvl at rancor events lvling areas that also drop ec Gv and Frost for pre 145 lvling