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Paying for art work


Hello, I've been wanting to have a better siggy for sometime now.
I'm looking for a normal and chibi signatures, both colored.
Will post pics later when someone already replied.

If someone can do it for me I will be willing to pay if you give me a quote of the price.

Thank you <3


No takers?


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I actually thought u were selling them D:
Pls GN remov pshy it are to strong im cant kill it
all time seal
they is always go wait vodo wen i spark and noob phys immunity
pls remov


Was I not clear enough?
Even with the thread title?



Not giving up, still bumping


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Marry me D: you angel from heaven


You had your chance

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This still open? I'd be happy to draw something for you '^'

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i guess it's not open. welp bye :p

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[shadow=gray,right] I'll give this a try if this is still active with some spare time I could make. (I'll keep an eye open for notifications, this is my first time seeing this thread for your request).[/shadow][/size][/font][/i][/b]

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