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i have been dl the game all week i first updated the client by auto patches and i sign in and when char screen tries to come up it crashes the whole game so i started to download a whole new game and it has a whole different error now cleint pops up after i click start a error box pops up and nothing after that so i cant get in to the game i week all week now trying to get int o the game iv patched and re downloaded game and nothing Im not going to take another week downloading this when  all i get is errors seriously a week of trying to play and download and nothing works for me


Can you at least tell us what the errors are? Also, this should be in Support. If you haven't already checked, there's a thread with the most common errors & fixes here: http://epicpw.com/support/known-issues-and-fixes/
error box comes says models\players\   and after this point its alot of gibberish

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7. Client error: Game client won't open or error  "ÎÞ·¨ÏÔʾ¸ÃÍøÒ³" pops up
- Reinstall your graphic card drivers and check again
- Update your Windows (if your system is outdated it might be missing some libraries required to run the game
- Install Microsoft Net Framework 4
- Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
- Install DirectX 9.0c by running dxwebsetup.exe file located in EPW/element/ directory
- In the end restart your PC and check again
- If it still fails, redownload / reinstall the client
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From my experience, you should try doing the "Verify" option on the client first or if that fails rename models.pck to models.pck.bak, run launcher and verify again - it should re-download fresh copy of models.pck (2GB size tho) - if it does you can delete models.pck.ba. THEN all that "graphic card" if that doesn't help (lolling again, as always when hearing "graphic card" crap). This error is in Chinese and is referring to some errors in your models.pck file (you can't read it due to lack of CN lang in your OS)
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