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Descent manual patch

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Hopefully there is little to no bugs (fingers crossed)    ;)

I made bug thread here:

Even though I tried to check everything, but it was just impossible with so huge patch. All glitched stuff should be fixed today (9th July)
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TY Agatio Mediafire    8)

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Woot got about a minute until it's patching >:D

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tys i hope this works because my game isnt updating automatically
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you rock aga!!!!!!!! marry my barb !! lol

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Awesome. Can't wait to get home and try it out.

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It sucks because I have to go in 3 hours  :(

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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1 hour and a half to wait lol... stoopid d/l speeds

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I DLed it a few times, but keep getting same message: Update File Corrupted.

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Thank you so much for the patch not taking 3 hours to install like it did with PWI. That was a nightmare, lmao.

Also thank you for the patch itself! Waited patiently for it. :D

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I DLed it a few times, but keep getting same message: Update File Corrupted.
Try rebooting your PC and start patching again, it usually helps

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Halfway through updating, thank you Aga for everything ^^
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46 minutes to download 154 mb D: