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Star Reset Plate (Base Cosmos Fixer)

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With the NH update, we got a new item.

  Star Reset Plate

It's only usable by faction leaders. What it does is, it resets the level of a particular Technology in your faction base.
For example, if your Kirin is at level 6, and you want it back at 0, you can use this item.

To get it, go to Gods Giving

(Yeah....I'm broke)

Now, go to a PW Promotions Agent (Not a Boutique Agent), you can find one in South-East Archosaur, 583 633.

Then you get a   Star-Reset Plate

Now go to your base and talk to the Faction Manager. And choose Constructions.

Now, RIGHT-CLICK on the tech that you want to reset

And then just press Y or accept

Another nub guide by Nubroids and special thanks to Nuberia

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thanks for taking your time to put this guide together :)
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It was cool for some one to figure that out during beta testing, but thank you for the guide Steroids.

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Thanks for Guide Steroids  ;) ;) ;)