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since we got the NH update now and with it the new content like the titles and revamped seat/aba i thaught it might be good to suggest to change the things u can trade for the weekly seat/aba tokens to something useful like... idk... 2 tokens for 30 STs or for WWI/CoGs or Event Tokens or Dragon Blood or idk.... but atm Incompareable Citrine/Garnet/Saphire shards are pretty useless or this 1.6m exp token.... And i thaught since we got titles now and if ppl wanna do title quest in EU how bout just putting the [Tuc Su Toxin] item into gods giving like the vana keys or delta orders... i mean... i give a fck if u do it or not... i ve done 2h of morai questchain on all my chars and can get title in EU if i want but it might be easier to find squad if u can get it from gods giving...

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