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Mount Glitch

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I'm not sure if it's because of New Horizons but ever since I started using the new launcher, my mount will bug out. If I'm already on it and I auto path somewhere, it will stow it but the bar won't go away, I can't move and I can't talk to npcs. The only thing that fixes it, is logging to character select.

Offline Renzx

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Well, that's the mount bug. lol
PWI itself has it too and if you're on a quest, and you have your friends with you..
you can just hug each other to get out from it or just relogin if you're alone.

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or else u can use tele port stones to get out of it

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teleport incense ,or have a psy use summon, squad sig also works LOL
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I prefer using teleport stones or i just accept a signet
im in a cold placed alone, care to join me?