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sot and possibly abadon?

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someone explain how sot bh and abadon bh are suppose to run  now with new patch and what about wining it?

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New abbadon: port in u immediately see red on ground rocks dropping from sky.
If rocks hit you you get slowed...some ticked my charm also. If you are doing by abba... Keep to the right path. Kill beholders. Continue straight ahead. Kill mobs until you see a boss Puppeteer. This guy is a bish. He randomly imprisones 1 pt member. To save said player he will spawn a puppet slave.. I have gotten a cleric and assassin slave not hard to kill but cleric casts buffs and runs.  Once slave is dead person will be ported back to boss location. Continue until boss is dead

Now continue around corner you will see Peachblossom ritualist(Npc on left side) LEADER ONLY. Talk to her accept back to the past quest. Party will port back to the old abba. Immediately u see doors..  and Npc on the right side chrono something. Talk to him choose the boss you want and bam you are ported to him.

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Done and posted in guides.

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You can find video guides to the new FBs here:

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BH SOT HERE: just talk to Npc: Autumn Song. Talk to her choose NIGHTMARE GATE.

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thanks again for all the helpful guides  :normal-1:
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