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Hey there, I haven't played this server or PW in general in a little over a year now. Don't remember much about anything really. So i'd like some assistance deciding on a class to invest my time in, i've narrowed my decisions down to,
Barb, Archer, Wiz, Seeker.
So if i can get opinions as to which class i should invest my time in based on your experiences let me know and give me a reason,
I just want to see the different opinions, thanks a ton. :)

Offline Mάx

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every class op in here without psyc. so u can able to play any classes expect psyc.

Offline Odna

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go with barb or ea
hell yea

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Offline Mediocre

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Sage Archer full chant GG

Offline Mάx

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I have ea with 86% base chn without chocolate but i can't play wtf

Offline Renegade

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sage EA get 30+ attack levels on bow and inject steriods (perfect runes >.>) kill everything that breathes >.>, or be like me and have a bow that does 5k-5k-5k-20k then die and the other guy still lives. NEVER GET THAT KIND OF BOW, MINE IS A PRICK.