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game down???

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game down? it said "when I try to login" Unable to connect server please try again when I did 10 times each time it knocks me off.

all levels & classes welcome, we do BH NW TW DS PvP PK PvE FBQ etc etc.

a few rules, No fighting in faction, No pking other members, most of all?
Have FUN!

Sign up at http://aetherr.shivtr.com/

whisper me ingame or Rosalita to join :)

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try clicking harder.....naw jk gm's all gone the servers in a frenzy and.....well....yeah...i blame tw

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  • no no no no kill....
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lol idk why u people keep making same topic while there is 2 more like this one..

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It seems to be issue with Hyperfilter (firewall protection service). I am really sorry for inconvenience, but it's not on our end this time  =/
t's been answered, please don't make new threads about this, it's third topic already.