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Epic Perfect World: New Horizons almost here!

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We are happy to announce that Epic Perfect World: New Horizons expansion will be released on Tuesday (8th April).
You can download EPW New Horizons client now.

There will be also auto-patch available from Tuesday as a alternate way of getting up to date client, however we really suggest downloading our new client instead. Getting new client should be much quicker than downloading via patcher and you will be able to log into game much sooner.

This is probably the biggest patch we have ever had, that's why along with the patch notes we have created special guide that should help players become familiar with the new expansion.

Epic Perfect World: New Horizons download links (choose one mirror)

Mirror 1 - Torrent

Mirror 2 - Mediafire

Mirror 3 - Direct Download

You will be able to connect with the new client once patch is released, which should be Tuesday afternoon.
Please keep both clients separately till then, so you will still be able to play till we do the update.

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There will be no manual patch due to patch size (over 2.5 GB). Patcher doesn't accept files bigger than 2 GB and splitting it into two patches isn't worth it.

So please either download full client (suggested option) or wait till Tuesday for auto-patch.

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do you know when the manual patch will be available?

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do you know when the manual patch will be available?
I updated my second post, please check it. Adding manual patch option isn't worth it. Please wait for auto update if you can't download 7.5 GB client, however download time for client should be quicker, even tho auto patch will be 3x smaller.

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finally , congratulation and thanks .  ^-^

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No manual? that's a bit upsetting I have to waste my entire downloading limit for the whole month just to get an update, or waste how ever many hours it takes for the slow auto patcher. Thanks anyway.

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thank you !!  torrent for the win !!!!!
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Download took 37 minutes using Mediafire.

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sooo I don't need to have this in my EPW folder right?

anyways, you all did a great job

I adore you :normal-8:

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Finally! :)
Thanks for the torrent, I will stay and seed as long as I can.

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Awesome,thanks for all the hard work agatio. :-X
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Nice patch.

Update for balance are a bit low but np..
About sins, make CoTD instant cast and instant cd for duo gameplay aps/dph then I think you can't do anything else to make this class totaly unbalanced much.

Good job.

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Yay Torrent. Give kiss Agation.  :normal-29:

Aw I've just read entire notes/guides, this patch seems confusing, but also promising. Looking forward to it. \o/
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