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[REQUEST] In Depth Sin guide

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Hey guys I want to make a sin, but I want to make a good one that can solo BH quests and stuff like that. Any chance someone can take some time and make me an in depth guide of what skills to put how to use them properly what kind of genie to make etc?
Thanks in advance!

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If you want a farming sin, go Demon cultivation. Get your demon version of your buffs (Bloodpaint, Tidal Protection, Wolf Emblem, Inner Harmony and Mastery) and both jumps, runs and stealth skills. As for attacks, get Demon Subsea Strike and Demon Earthen Rift, for larger mobbing. Other than that, just Demon spark and attack the target.

As for a genie, you can choose to make a Vit/Mag genie for a few things such as Holy Pathing through FBs, faster energy recovery so you can Faith and Absolute Domain faster and easier. But for farming, I personally like a Dex build genie:
-Extreme Poison (lasts quite some time with Dex type genies and you don't need to spam Subsea as much.)
-Holy Path
-Wind Shield (Dex also gives you damage reduction on top of the attack speed increase for those times you need some tank-like qualities.)
-Badge of Courage (for removing stuns.)
-Tangling Mire
-Faith (for those rare times when you need to purify.)
-Frenzy (increases your damage.)
-Tree of Protection (if you need that extra heal.)

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Go sage and chill of deep,gof daggs


Sorry Meese, I got to say -My vote.

Sage spark is 500% weapon damage : You can use Wind Shield, or aps pots. Voting can get elixers. *I checked with GM before now, they said it DOES stack. For below

Subsea : 50% more damage as sage..That's pro asf comboing. 500% + 50% more of that? 750% Damage ! If you get Condensed thorn, thats 50% water damage so half of that > 1125%. That is no pot, and you can make up to 2.86 base as long as you get Lunar Glade cape, Its 4 gold. Also Pan-Gu. For lower levels, I prefer Tender slaves..but my pick.

  This is just me, but sage is better for farming tbh..that 25% for the spark doesn't counter all of the good sage stuff.
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