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Since the other thread got locked while i was watching my Game of thrones and writing this up..  thought i better not let my lazy efforts go to waste. Even though this thread is directed more at Artifex rather than Xpendable, in no way do i mean any offence. I'm just pointing out we are all the same, and there's really no point in bringing up the same arguments/debate over and over on every thread :S If i offend anyone, i apologise.

Feel free to share your views by all means, but try to avoid insulting each other please on this thread thanks.

So my comment on the other thread was as follows :-

and yes, i'm serious enough to make this thread/post :) call me a serious gamer or w/e, maybe i am. I keep all my rl needs in order and prioritised, Uni. and my work could not be in any better state atm, still  socialise regularly  in rl and in my spare time if i can have fun being a "serious gamer" then what of it lol.


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You're a serious gamer SHINIGAMI, no time for serious gamers L-O-L

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You are so serious, I need to insult you now *insert 5 random trash talk replies*.

+1 for the real talk, Labs.


+1, like i said both sides are kinda serious...

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Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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you're one of rare xp people i respect

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Even though you are right, sadly it's gonna continue, no idea why people on both sides just stop, cause this unending war on forums and in-game gets irritating not just for you guys but for other players also. Then again not much we can do about it.

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Apart from the assumed reasoning behind our troll, I agree on most parts.

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I have no problem with you guys swimming in the lake in your undies in the middle of TW,

That's called distraction.
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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If everyone thought a little bit more like you, gaming would be so much more pleasant.


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I think someone did it before in another thread... But ok, +1.

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hay, I'm starting to like you a little, not seriously :normal-2:

also, you know what I like?

when two gamers call each other nerds

it's so FKCING funny :tiger-50:

because (in my opinion) calling someone else a nerd helps them to feel less nerdy :police:

that's not smart sir >:D

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I like how you put it togetherlr.I really liked how you were honest and not just pointing ohers mistakes rather than your own.+1
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