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Happy birthday Pedro!

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:normal-8: Happy birthday Great leader of Artifex from all your strange friends~
It's a special day so we made plans, we're set n ready!

Austin will milk cows so we can bake a cake, John will organise the fiesta, Mike will twerk till he passes out, Cody will moan for you, Seby will take care of food (masterchef), Courtney will moderate us, polish Mike will teach us all to swear, Tom will flash his nipples, Travis will stomp on us, Gaby will make us feel loved, Ina will scream at us, Sab will order KFC (and pay for it), Dav will SuckOurApples, Ibi will marry us all for one night each, Mihi will touch himself thinking about you, Raul will take pictures with cars he'll never have, Zethe will get baked, Brandon will rent us his pirate ship, Bill will beat up Jay Baruchel for stealing his looks, Noki will go balls deep, Grant will apologise for everything, Clemy will log once a year, Kareem will rob us all, Tiff will teach us how to woman, Kaid will make us drool, Sid will DDoS everyone, Tony will make it ez pz, Kermo will spam trades, Ando will carry you to gold, polish Tom will NOMNOM us all, Jess will ask for skype2skype, Rass will steal my spot, Vimal will get perma banned, Erik will amuse us with racist jokes, Julie will give you a good time (wink wink), Sean will try harder to be a white nig, Angela will make us OP, lssj.. is #1,  Brent will record it, Marius will set an epic playlist

...and then Ahed will bomb us all!

Ain't no party like Artifex party.

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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday old man  ;)

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Happy birthday

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Sounds about right :)

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Happy Birthday oh fearless leader

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Happy Bday Pedo
3spark + ig + stealth = GG LOL


Angela :tiger-47: .

Happy Birthday Pedro  :monkey-47:

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happy birthday man !!! xD  :normal-25:

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Happy Birthday Pedo!  8)

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Happy birthday! hope u enjoy my cake :) :smiley: ;)
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Jess will ask for skype2skype,

): Is this one about me? If so, I giggled.

Happy birthday Pedro, he who ignores everything.
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Kareem will rob us all


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Kareem will rob us all


are u good?

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are u good?

?????????????? 4-0'd baddie?