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Server down or download problem?

Soooooo 1 hour ago i was playing normally and i got a crash that deleted my game ever since i started playing here i had to download the game eeeeeeverytime (i got told to add some stuff to the antivirus something list but couldn't find it) so i couldn't find like a shortcut or something to go str8 at the "Start" thingy mini page so i had to download it all from the folders.When the game crashed i tried to download it again like i always do and the mini page changed http://prntscr.com/35c8m4 <--- it wasnt like that any who now it says server connection fails i went to the most download issues thingy and barely understood anything (was lucky to even download the game) So is there a new patch? or are servers down? why does the mini page look bad ass.Anyone got a video that would help with this problem? Wtf did i just did here e_e...

Offline Agatio

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Hey, it's being looked into.

Offline Broobndoobn

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What anti-virus program are you running on? I had the same issue when I got AVG Pro.

Offline Agatio

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It was problem with one of our download servers, but it should be ok now.

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Try clicking save, instead of run on the download, if downloading mirrors. if downloading from torrent I have know idea what the problem could be cause I use the mirrors.. any ways.. that should stop the redownloading after every crash.. unless its your pc crashing on you and not just the game, if that's the case download it, restart your pc, so your pc saves it.. then try and play.. but I still don't understand why you are crashing... unless you barely have pc requirements to play.. (if so turn everything down in the in game settings..)

try this if it doesnt help let me know ill look into it deeper for you..
PS. server is not down im currently playing :)
Thanks shantana and the problem was not about "crashing" but downloading the game every time im gonna play luckly i always find something to do while downloading it xD i wonder if we will get that blueish mini start for the new "patch" or w/e it is it's coming. The game is downloading like it usually does now guess it was something with the server.