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So as a 145 cleric I sometimes have to switch into pk mode to to heal others in pk mode during an instance which I have no issue with. Problem is after the bh is over with I sometimes get pked by the same ungrateful sh1ts I've spent the entire instance healing. Yea I know pk is the biggest part of EPW but why should it be brought into bhs when you only have 60 secs on a timer and as I'm sure you all know town poratal and teleport stones do not work "in combat". So there really is no way to escape.

So my suggestion is find some way to disable pk inside any and all instances or penalize the ones who choose to pk those who do not wish to. I mean sersly what's the harm in sending a quick whisper to "1v1" the person instead of trying to kill them in 60secs.  :-\

Thanks to all who read. All comments are welcomed 
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lol... So what they pked you after the BH, what happened your gears broke? I dont understand the problem
hell yea

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hi venom i had this problem in my alt ep.. guess what i did.. just before boss kill like when HP @ 2-5% no heals away from aoe or use iron guard +fortify or AD genie skill if u want the drops in WS or in GV BH just stop heals away from aoe and once killed quickly get out dont bother ressing or heal or purify others.. (if they are white named).. also as a EP u get more time to check gears in GV and if u see atk type white name char be ready to run away .. save urself first rest comes next.. there that is my suggestion.. until u get end game gear where u can annoy others with paralyze sleep etc., and make them meal or waste time in GV after bh is done.. best wishes and happy gaming..

- rishi (Alt Worms)
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I have seen alot of this lately and quite frankly find it wrong.... it has ruined my out look for one guild tho as it seems thats the only way that member could get their so called "red name" is by farming the people that just helped YOU get your bh done -.- i dont do much pk lately.. to many gankers or sins that just like to stealth kill.. which is like no fun at all.. :(
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Simply don't switch to PK. If they have swords, their problem.

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Simply don't switch to PK. If they have swords, their problem.
This ^
If people get swords its their own problem, they'll have to live without heals until their swords get off. If you have to be white-named just try to create distance between you and the squadmembers who leave (or jump off, if possible), and port away. You can try to use your genie and sleep/sog people who bother you if you can as well.