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Could someone change the Pinky Rabbits in the start by something less cute

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if you didn't made "vote for cubi" you would be in last place, change the "level-up bunnies" on NH or my friend will start voting frenetically on other PSs

Please, don't hurt Animals, is pure cruelty and being a heartless.

what would you do if an alien appear out of nowhere, shoot a beam at your mother and teleport to his ship before you could even take a step?
for the Animals that is the same thing!!!

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What the heck is wrong with you
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The rabbits were made to stand out.. IF you have a problem with them dw they dont last long
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I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 

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If you're threatening to vote for another sever, it doesn't really matter because there are a lot more voters and if you just want to avoid killing animals remember its just a game.

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I found the vegan LOL
Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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if you didn't made "vote for cubi" you would be in last place

Well that doesn't even make any sense, as voting is what determines the rankings, so if we didn't have voting, we wouldn't even be on the list lol.

I can't tell if this is a troll or not. If it is, don't quit your day job.

If it isn't, then your empty threats don't really mean anything. It's not like we are only a couple votes ahead of the other servers, we are genuinely ahead based on our large population which is built up of people who actually enjoy being here, enjoy our servers custom content and are loyal to our server. So you and 'your friends' can vote as you see fit, doesn't really affect us. Seems like we don't need someone who threatens to vote for other servers unless they see the change they demanded on our server anyway.

And I couldn't think of a tinier and more insignificant part of the game to threaten over. You spend at most 10mins on those bunnies and then are done with them. A skin is not even something to be concerned with. If you have an issue with killing a pixelated bunny, then you probably won't enjoy this or any other online game.

Happy gaming.

Edit: Saw your signature. Makes more sense.

Double Edit: I find the huggy hares to be one of the more terrifying mobs in PW tbh. Would demolish my char on PWI. Frightening.
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♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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I: So you can't kill pixellated bunnies, but you can kill hordes of monsters that likely have at least some features from real animals? As well as other animal-based monsters in game?
I: Pardon me, but do you not ride mounts, because that is oppressing and abusing the animals that are used for the purpose (and forcing the pixels to move long, digital distances)?
If you're honestly concerned about this...
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I sure hope you don't plan to attack Assassins or Psychics, since they resemble fish. :c
I sure hope you don't plan to kill Venomancer's pets. :c
I sure hope you don't forget to feed your mount to keep it from getting hungry. :c
I sure hope you don't plan to use the Level 1 Mobs (such as Horses, Dogs, and Chickens) in safe zone to get chi. :c

Just as Tangle said, if you're concerned about killing the Pixel, Computer Designed rabbits at the beginning of the game, then maybe this isn't the game for you. There are plenty of cute, little games you could play.

No one here is waving a flag to promote animal abuse, stop being strange.