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Leaders of lvl3 factions are able to buy them, they stay outmapped, so to reach them: you need to talk to a teleport master, and faction's staff are able to go to allied faction's HQ

Please, don't hurt Animals, is pure cruelty and being a heartless.

what would you do if an alien appear out of nowhere, shoot a beam at your mother and teleport to his ship before you could even take a step?
for the Animals that is the same thing!!!

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Please explain a bit further on what you mean, I'm not too sure as to what you're suggesting here  :-[

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Please explain a bit further on what you mean, I'm not too sure as to what you're suggesting here  :-[

hes asking for an item to go to his ally's guild base.
[8/22/13 12:56:05 PM] Fab: come, i headhunt your pants
[8/22/13 12:56:38 PM] Bre :3: You're so cute I shadow walk before coming near you.
[8/22/13 12:56:59 PM] Scott: You make me fully charge my take aim.
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Hong: You're so hot even soul of fire cant stop you
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Scott: You make my domain absolute.
[8/22/13 12:58:18 PM] Bre :3: Your beauty stuns me through belief.
[8/22/13 1:00:04 PM] Scott: Keep this up and i'll release my deadly shot.

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If it's just about getting into someone else's guild base, I don't think it will be implemented just because a lot of guilds have worked really hard for reaching the level they are on at the moment. Allowing this would simply give alt guilds the chance to get all the blessings/pots without working for them/leveling their structures up.

[6:23:02 PM] Jem: Bans and mutes aren't meant to be equally shared,
they are given to those who deserve them.
If you are receiving more bans than someone else,
maybe you are the problem, not us.

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