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Hello. Since New Horizons patch is 98% done, it should be ready for tests in the next days. If you would like to participate in the beta tests, please sign up here.

Just type name of your main character.

We will need around 50 people. Staff and I will be picking people among these who signed up (sometimes randomly). Time of your sign up won't be deciding if you will be picked or not.

We will contact you via forum PM if you were picked and give you all the details needed for testing.
We should be able to start on Wednesday (or Thursday, since uploading 2 GB patch will take some time).

Update 1:
So it appears that Perfect World doesn't like manual patches with size over 2 GB (won't let manual patch). So I have to upload whole client which means that testing needs to be delayed to tomorrow (28th March) after noon time. It's not huge deal, because from the previous experience huge manual patches causes issues to players, downloading whole client is much simpler and almost just as fast.
And we still haven't picked all the testers yet, we are going to today.

Update 2:
So we've been busy whole yesterday fixing crash issue and I already applied fix on the NH version. And due to the fact that my upload speed is so slow uploading client will take over a day. However we should be ready tomorrow right after TW
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If it's any help I have a 100Mb connection so I know I can download the patch quickly.

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