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Rawr is recruiting players of all classes (145+) for fun events!

  • We do Bounty Hunter quests
  • We regularly do Trials
  • Level 23 base and growing
  • We do PvE Events
  • We also have DS events
  • Squads for NW
  • TT and GV runs for farming
  • We also do TW
  • Also recruiting PKers
  • Bless boxes in base

PM me on forum or pm any of the officers in game.
Base Quests are mandatory

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Good luck Maxy, sir.

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such stronk lead. much alive. so recruit. wow.


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Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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I died of cute overload.

Good luck :)

Stay Classy.
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Gz on taking over the leadership again.'-'
Signature by Rumi.

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Banner was done by Tori (Sleep), much vouch.

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Such a cute kitty.  :-*

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Hi yes. Good luck. Hope for many fun times.
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Nice base level, bro.

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Good Luck guys!

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We're the coolest guys out there too o.o

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