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Custom reskins ;o


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Hello frens, soo after reading a few recent threads in regards to custom contents (fash and what not), i slowly starting killing my boredom with re texturing some more skins for the server (if i come up with something good). 

in the past i've made the skins for the Heaven Feathers, Devils wings & Abbysal Roc.

so thought i'd start off with something for EG first this time ;o

Lemme know what you guys think..

If you guys have any suggestion for any custom designs or anything in regards to these, whether it be for fash, flyers, weps etc. etc .. lemme know, and i'll give it a try when i'm free ;o


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that looks really nice for an EG flyer

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Beautiful work as always,  I love the choice of  a darker more brooding style of flier, a proper war machine !!
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wow it looks very good but i think if you make red a bit more vivid, brighter red it will look better i think.

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Very nice job, I'd like to suggest the Plume Feathers flyer I think it's called, very virbrant and bright like a phoenix, and maybe make a black and white version would be totally trippy

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that looks kewl.

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Noice, looks cool

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I likey!  We do need more EG flyers.

Ummm...this is just me, but there was an EG flight that I loved and I had one at one point.  Can't remember the name of it, something...dragonfly.

I would love a lighter color of it, shades of purple, dare I say.

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That looks cool. o:
Make a untamed/human flyer with the same colors and I'll be in love. q.q

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nice kite dark phoenix somethig like that ?

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hell yea


Absolutely fantastic, I love it. Especially cause it's two colors I adore together, black and dark red. <3

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There's nobody better.

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Thats pretty.Nice work~!
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