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Ducks vs Worms - Lost City TW

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this war was pretty challenging 6 catas vs 2-3 Catas, so enjoy peeps :

don't forget the full HD

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nice vid, good job c:
AngeliqMyst - Sage Mystic


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Was fun TW , good fight as always Worms <3
and good video king  8)

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Was fun TW , good fight as always Worms <3
and good video king  8)

It was not easy, and because of that, we had plenty of fun. Good fight Worms, for real.  \o
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hell yea

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Nais vid king, was a fun tw :)
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ty peeps and yea this was the most fun TW so far.

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Those worms really do you a lot of favors.
That cata pt was holding hands the entire time. Scared to let go

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thanks for the TW and video ducks (QQ u missed sideris stalking me all the time in TW), you guys did good and Lol Icy about cata team ^^

Anyways was fun but we in worms had a tough time with afkers etc., and lack of support for cata team.. every time we got to their base we were ganked by a lot of people with little or no heals and we all died quickly and our DD team got lost switching lanes etc., also the ducks had good scouts / spies (yeah yeah more excuses well eagerly awaiting upcoming TW's) both teams will get stronger and smarter and will put a good fight..

Lastly gz on taking ducks land Artifex.. like the new shade of green on map hope the old shade of green disappears :P

And good luck on TW vs xpendables..               

-rishi (Worms: Cata Barb <3sick with sideris hoping sid is she in RL as she confirmed in game)
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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Ducks wizzys arent smart either but gj guys ;)


Goodie Video Dat 6 Cata vs 3 Cata GG :normal-1: :normal-1:

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