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PC crashes when im on EPW

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My friend's pc crashes when hes on epw. is it his pc or is it epw because he doesnt crash when hes playing something else. his pc just shuts down, any suggestions or is it his pc not epw? stay good kiddos

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Has he tried opening the client on the lowest graphics possible and see if that helps? My old PC used to do that because PW was too much for it to handle sometimes. 
Mine does that when I load the game and my laptop overheats, could it be overheating?

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hes suggested that a couple times but if my pc can handle it, his pc should be able too

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his laptop wasnt overheating

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Could try:

1. Running fixit.bat in the launcher folder
2. Verifying your client on the patcher window
3. Redownloading the client
4. Making sure there is an EPW exception their antivirus.

Tbh, it seems like a comp issue rather than a client issue, but they could still just try the above methods, just in case.

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if the PC is shutting down as you say randomly it might be the mother board.  maybe time to go to the PC technician.