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Un fair much ?

This is taking longer then it should. I donated before 30$ on my narutohunter account(go check) no problem occurred. I donated 10 more $ on my saskuehunter account and a problem happened that's not being taking cared of. Evil touch is telling me there's nothing they can do, I have proof of my donating as well. I was gonna donate 10 more $ but I'm unsure now. Might not ever donate again.

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well there is a helpdesk for this type of thing, there is a small link under support, also your complaining about donating 10 which you show no proof of just 30 from over 3 monthes ago....anyway your best bet is to make a topic in helpdesk and not put dumb sht like this on general discussion for everyone to see, trying to make the server look bad

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If talking to ET didn't help..post in helpdesk or pm agatio:)

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A very mature response. ET didn't say nothing could be done, he said they couldn't check anything without some sort of ID or proof, which you didn't provide sufficient evidence of.
You were also asked by Agatio to give your paypal ID as he was having trouble finding your transaction, which you could get from logging into your paypal. He's a busy man, I'm sure he will try to get around to checking as soon as possible and we apologise for any delay, however you will need to be patient.

Instead you just post this on public forums to get attention. Please go back to the helpdesk and answer the questions you were asked so your problem could be solved.

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