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Faction Bases

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Faction Bases
DISCLAIMER: I've never ventured out of the Hall of Loyalty/been in a guild with a very high levelled faction base so this may not be relevant.

I haven't been in many faction bases, but the ones I have been in have usually been pretty empty. Which got me to thinking: you have all of this low-lag room that's exclusive to people with one particular name above their head, why not utilize it?

My idea is to chuck all of the EPW NPC's we know and love (except for Khoan the Survivor, he's a shifty cunt) into the faction bases too, which would lend itself to creating a better sense of community within a faction if people have more of a reason than a couple of quests to hang around one particular area.

- Antisocial shrews like myself will have a much easier time logging eight thousand characters and getting a head start on our lifeless days of farming if we're not being subject to the full extent of FPS lag that this game has to offer (at least those like me who force their poor little computer to run 6 clients when it probably shouldn't even be running 3. #yolo)

- Faction synergy will gradually increase as more members of a particular faction play, craft and better the guild together. This will allow factions with much stronger cores to develop and thrive, eventually closing the gap between those at the very tip-top of the food chain, and those below them.

- Lag in high-traffic areas could potentially be reduced due to more players utilizing their faction bases, which would be great for those factions without bases / those players without factions, allowing them to go about their business with less of that nasty fps lag that nobody likes (except for Khoan the CuntSurvivor).

- Over-centralising faction bases could potentially cause the exact problem that this suggestion aims to fix, albeit on a smaller scale.

- The more time people spend with their faction members, the less time they spend interacting with those outside of the faction. In exchange for increased faction synergy, the wider community will grow further apart (although not much further).

In light of the potential issues that could arise due to this change, a simple fix would be to not include all of the NPCs that we use, rather include ones that we mostly use together, with the exception of a few that would cause players to need to leave the faction base to utilize them. I propose that if the idea is taken on, the following NPCs should be added to faction bases (as well as a list of those that should not be added and why):
  • Illusion Stone
  • Teleport Master
  • Forges - Armor, Weapons, Accessories, Tomes, Contemplation Forge
  • Head Hunter
  • God's Giving
  • Divine Emissaries - Void, Shadow, Light
  • Spiritual Disciple

Not Recommended to Add:
  • Forges - Skills, Boutique Forge, Event Forge, Event Weapons, Ascended Forge, R8r Forges - this separation of forges inside and outside of the base will allow players to optimize their time while they're in the base but still have a reason to leave when they've finished what they need to.
  • Khoan the Survivor - I don't want him near my base or my body. And the easy teleports from inside PV wouldn't justify putting him in the faction base unless you're able to add faction bases to the easy teleport list anyway.
  • Refiners / Imbuers - i.e. Elders & Craftspeople - simply to give players more of a need to leave the faction base

Add the NPC's listed above to faction bases to optimize faction cooperation (and in turn, create more powerful factions) and lessen lag in high-traffic areas in-game.

Thank for read.

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While it's an interesting idea, I don't really see the value of adding these NPCs into faction bases. I could see the value of adding a few faction quests wherein people worked together in a Faction Base to complete a party quest of sorts (but this would take time and effort to create; hard to implement). Ultimately, most of the NPCs you've listed can be accessed fast in multiple parts of the world map (with some being relatively lag-free). In terms of guild activity, many people do Base Quests in order to get contribution to buy Ironguards (or GS/Level Scrolls) which creates movement in the Bases throughout the day. In the more active guilds, GMs host Guild Events (DS Event) in the bases themselves, which serves as a further purpose towards them. Finally, you should try and get to know Faction Bases a bit more because you'll realize that there is a pretty big component to them already: Guild Trials. Most people do not do them simply because some take too long and the rewards are frankly poor when compared to other modes of farming R8 mats; BUT they are fun to do when you're bored (or its 2x) or you're strictly PvE. I like the idea of adding a bit more purpose to the Bases, but more along the lines of a quest or two, not adding already available NPCs.

PS. I like the formatting. Very nice.
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Its a pretty nice  idea. but as stated already there is plenty to do in there atm. i know little to nothing about editing a server but would imagine this would take a far amount of effert and just doesnt seem like it would give enough return. a way to use tele stone to port into base though (a teleport npc in there) would  be a wet dream come true for me. some days when i really want to work towards leveling my base i run 10-20-30 chars BQ at a time using 10 clients. and omgah all the clicking to get in >.<  .  anyway rather specific to a multi clienters issue and doesnt effect majority of people hardly at all. trials if soloed have some decent rewards but they are long and boring to do that way and not really worth it to do as a group (unless for fun which if u ever soloed them i doubt u will ever see them as fun again xD ). anyway again kewl idea but doesnt seem very needed for the majority of the player base.

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I'm also unsure of the work behind placing NPCs in instances so if that's too difficult a task, my apologies, but from what it seems it's a bit of a stretch to say that there's plenty to do in there when you've got a fortnightly event(and so it should be, don't misunderstand), a daily quest and the Trials which have already been stated to be circumstantial in their use. I also disagree with it not affecting the majority of people. We're all lazy fuckers at heart, and I can't think of a single person who wouldn't appreciate the convenience of being rewarded for their hard work in buying and maintaining a faction base with a convenient hub of tools that doesn't get congested at times like after NW, or doesn't require a bunch of scouting and the wasting of precious, precious teleportation stones to find when there's a whole heap of players on, not only for the leader, but for every member of their faction, who I'm sure would also appreciate being a part of something that makes their lives easier, especially if a teleport point is made for the teleport NPC in there.

Those particular NPCs in there could also assist when the server goes through periods of growth: you wouldn't need to find new places to place NPCs or such to account for the current ones being flooded, the work is being done for you as players migrate and create their own factions and bases.

Is it necessary? Probably not. Is it difficult? Could be, I don't know. But before you shoot it down because it doesn't address a totally specific issue or isn't a game changing update, you've got to think, "would I use it?" I like to think you would, and I like to think you'd appreciate that little extra reward for your efforts as a faction leader.

And besides guys, the feng shui in here is horrid.

All that said, there is a big update coming up, and priorities are important etc., so don't think I'm trying to force this down anyone's throat or say "do this now", but I do believe it deserves some consideration for the future.

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i didn want to start a new thread coz ...mine is regarding Faction base too.

Atm..people have to manually submit construction points, many are too lazy for this or some confuse them with contribution points and fail to submit them.Can it be made such that....construction points is automatically added to the base when someone completes the quest?
Thankyou for ur time in reading this.

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i didn want to start a new thread coz ...mine is regarding Faction base too.

Atm..people have to manually submit construction points, many are too lazy for this or some confuse them with contribution points and fail to submit them.Can it be made such that....construction points is automatically added to the base when someone completes the quest?
Thankyou for ur time in reading this.

HELL NO we annoy our director with 5k points every week D:


-1 Faction bases are already filled with a lot of people and NPCs. Adding more stuff into it would ruin its uniqueness and everyone would leave it cuz of lag spasms...

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the novels are real....

didnt read. but dont need more NPC's in faction base if thats what you want
Lol i fak you

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Urm +1 I guess...