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Game Crash

hello, epw keeps crashing for me. i launch it and im on it for like 15mins or somethen like that then it instantly crashes... any 1 know how to fix this? if so pls reply

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try deleteing the files on your computer and the reinstalling the game again after its installed set everything in the menu to its lowest possible garphic ability see if that fixed it
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if u was in  Nation War thats ok. we all crashed.. sometimes it happends.. Its not GMs fault.
no i havent done nw on this server yet wasnt doing this yesterday tho...

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its not your computer or the install its DDOS attacks, nothing you can do but to just roll with it and keep relogging  :sad:
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Game client crashes or you get disconnected from server?

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Did it happen during nation wars?If it did its a ddos bug.Nw maps tend to crash.If u werent u might try relaunching your game client or reinstalling the game.Check if any of your epw files arent corrupted.If you require further assistance i suggest you post this on Helpdesk.
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