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ShangriLa looking for new members. (130+) any class

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Hi there fellow EPW users looking for a nice helpful faction with little to no drama? Need that group that makes you feel like your FAMILY?
"Shang" wants you to be apart of out growing family so we can work our way to the top by raw dedication and team work.
We are always willing to help members in need. If we cant afford it we will help you farm it.
Our officer staff is well selected oldest members who have shown that they care about everyone that joins and will help them in the best why they can
We need numbers to succeed we have the power all we need now is you.
We do BH,TM,WS, NW and public events, we will look into TW and the like as we gain more overall support and finance.

Our core set was based on the band ICP and there ideal for love of family and loyalty.
 However don't limit us to the brand of ICP and that style alot of us are here for the friendly interaction and helpfulness.
If your interested in a strong family guild feel free to contact us either at this page or in game.
LEADER: Stormbringer
MARSH : Gigit
MARSH: Xinep/Laylen_Jios
MARSH: Carmella
Executor: SlickMick
Exe: DeathMagnet
Exe: HeavensLove
to name a few.

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u ain't no juggalo u a juggahoe nah j/k fam WHOOP WHOOP and g/l with ur guild
Quote from: Agatio on 8/21/2013 at 03:59:55 pm
I spam dartle on demon spark, bitch please

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lol im one of the ones that doesnt do the whole ICP thing but i love our faction so.

Thanks tho.


Goodluck with recruit shang.

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There's nobody better.

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ShangriLa loves all new members! I should know, I was once a new member when it all began!!! ^-^ ^-^

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Best of luck Stormy and the crew at Shang from Queen & friends at GAME=FUN ^_^
"Ass so fine it changes a brutha's life. Foreva. ~ Sparky Sweets Thug Notes~

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I'm semi-new to Shang and everyone has been super helpful, fun and friendly. :) I do recommend you join if you're looking for a lasting in-game family.