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I just noticed something

Offline Reval

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When I was voting just last 2mins ago...I saw for both vote sites at 50silver again on the reward for voting..I don't know if that's just my laptop.....

Is the 15gold voting just ended?

Offline katha

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normaly there should be 2 days more left  ::)

T r i f o r c e

Maybe gold has run dry :P it was fun as it lasted

Offline Reval

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Q_Q I just remember my 11k EC
Katha when you voted you see 50silver to?

Offline Mayo

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mine said 50 silver 2
MERCER- 150 R8 Sage Psy
Vergel- 150 R8 Demon Mystic
Helller- 150 R8 Demon Wiz
Xehli- 150 R8 Demon Archer
AceVno- 150 R8 Demon Veno
Clressill- 150 Demon Assassin
Astrotic- 150 Cleric
And Counting.

Offline Agatio

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50 silver per one site, so it's 2x more than was before. =)
also please check here: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=1357.0

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Oh I see..1gold per voting...yeah its a fine price for a reward thx aga :)

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some people abused it... theres always one fun ruiner in every crowed lol. but was fun =3
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