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Xpendable Vs Ares + Aeons Vs S.Korea + D.Return Vs Artifex PK


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Just a bit of pk at old NS. I missed the first few rounds unfortunately.. but i did catch the last 50 minutes of the pk..

Was mostly Vs Asians although Artifex did come in for 1-2 rounds at some point as far as i've noticed.

Anyways.. enjoy the vid. and like, comment, subscribe and what not ty. Also, lets not forget that 1080p :p

P.S, threw down a full AVB mix on this vid. I love Armin, but wasn't sure if it fits pk videos, so lets see how this turns out..  I know other recent uploads had a bit of Armin mix aswell which sort of got me thinking as well Naem.. so credits to them.. :)


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Man,Your videos is realy fycking awesome.OP Edit,Music...Psy Style Hue,God Video

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Nice video as always

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  • How is life this easy?

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lol photoshop Xash never die  >:D
goodie vid
hell yea

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Become a warrior of talent

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Very Good Video again+Music, Good Job Lab  :normal-25:

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this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life no joke.
[8/22/13 12:56:05 PM] Fab: come, i headhunt your pants
[8/22/13 12:56:38 PM] Bre :3: You're so cute I shadow walk before coming near you.
[8/22/13 12:56:59 PM] Scott: You make me fully charge my take aim.
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Hong: You're so hot even soul of fire cant stop you
[8/22/13 12:57:46 PM] Scott: You make my domain absolute.
[8/22/13 12:58:18 PM] Bre :3: Your beauty stuns me through belief.
[8/22/13 1:00:04 PM] Scott: Keep this up and i'll release my deadly shot.

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i Loved it Good Job<3

Bow Down Bishs.

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I agree

the thing that he say


high factor legend quality video from undisputed Xpendable movie director >>>SHINIGAMI<<< gettin girls on youtube 420blazeit

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Awesome video like always labs.

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Another great intro; especially 0:33 ;)