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i dont know if it has been created a topic about this subject in the past.
i wonder why there arent stones like DOT(diamond of .... +1 Atk lvl to wep + 1 atck lvl to armoor and JOST(jade of steady def +2 Def lvl to wep +2 Def LvL to armoor)
i see them on many server and would be very usefull ..but ofc if you thinking on making them you should make them hard to get . think about this game masters. ty for reading ;D
(sry my bad english)
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those stones were not implimented for the same reason r9 wasnt, for means of balance.

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hmmm.. i dont like attack and def stones they can make this server and other classes unbalance or OP.. and even if its super hard to get someone will surely monopolize this stuff.. and it wud affect the economy of the server.