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Best at each class

Offline Tinykiller

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roflmao @ "Wiz - OnePinoY/"Sin - Notorious"
All i seen noto doing so far is stealth sparking he pro kkk ahsauashuahsu hueheue
_Cocaine_! - Lvl 150 barb
Cocaiinee - Lvl 150 sin
Bangers - Lvl 140 physic
Coocaine - Lvl 150 seeker
<3Tiny - Lvl 150 Wizzard
_Cocaine_ - Lvl 150 Archer
Tinykiller - Lvl 150 Bm

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Case Closed  ;D

BeastBoy - Demon Barb
BeastGirl - Demon Venomancer

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The things i care bout Buff class:
-Have skills for self-protection
-Have all buffs N.10 and The most important In culti
-Know how to use them
The things i care from offensive(Mostly meelee) chars:
-big HP
-Some DMG
-Damage deal is high
-Some HP

Take it as "The Guide of Vote"
Not always N.150 are the best ones,READ and GUESS

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Oh, this is an easy one:
WR: paradox
MG: prof
EP: seventeen
EA: Doc
WB: nom
WF: Adele
Sin: ezio
Psy: Psionist
Seeker: Lann
Mystic: habalopi

Offline specialkr

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Imo these guys are the best I have never seen anyone play a class as good as them :
wiz - <3Tiny
Barb - _Cocaine_!
Bm - Tinykiller
Psy - Bangers
sin - Cocaiinee
Seeker - Coocaine
ea - _Cocaine_
These guys are defo the best.

Self voted?

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  • is adorable. ❤
Can I lock thread before I have to scold Ninjas? :|

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Can I lock thread before I have to scold Ninjas? :|

Lock the thread before scolding me for thinking that the thread will cause drama?

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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Try 1v1ing any of my guildies , then judge. '-'

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