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Hi guys .. Here's my stuff for sale and buy

Puzzle cube Physical Def clean 4 pcs left = 4.5k ec each
Puzzle cube Magic Def clean 2pcs left = 4.5kec per each same price in phy.

Warsong Pdef clean 2pcs left = for 8.5k  ec per each
Warsong Mdef 2 pc left = 8.5k ec per each same as pHy.

2pcs left for Identify Stone for 2.9k per each

Third Sage Fairy 5 pcs left = 90 ec each

Dragon might Ring with Dex 19 = 500ec

For buying Some Stuff

Warsong Waistband Inscription = 90 ec each
Rotating cog of Fate = 90ec each[/size]

Just pm me In Game If im Online i will buy all WWI or cog That you have ..
Or mail to me what you have (Dont mail the stuff only tell what you have)i will pm you in game..

Only pm or Mail :))

IGN : TRafalgar EP
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You done stepped onto a landmine,
We both punch but the difference is I land mine
-  -  -
I am Tyson in the ring
So progressive with the flow
Better hope you have insurance if I spot you at your job
For trying to box with me - you'll be boxing with God