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We all lost some stuff.
Just farm it again? And with the +-300gold u'll recieve if u vote u can buy it all back.

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I had full dragon to bank ! I was 149 lv 80% now im 148 70% !! I worked so hard for level and gear and now i dont have anything?

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oh stfu everyone lost something u arnt getting it back just be thankful u get like 15 gold from vote
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I cant even get in the log in screen can some ***ing help me i am so angry man

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We all lost 10 days.
Your 10 days are no longer than mine.

(I play about 12 hours a day, sometimes longer. Imagine what
you could have playing that much. And now my Seeker is back
to lvl 110 with not even skills to fight with.)

The worst is that I lost marriage status with my beloved wife.
I hope she will marry me again.

Just vote every 6 hours, get 15 gold per session, and buy some stuff.

You have 5 days.

And farm/grind, in EPW it is much better than in PWI.

Yes, EC are still slow to get, but it was always like that.

Relax and enjoy the play, you made it once, you'll make it again.
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"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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Some are positive some negative >< i know i grind and farmed for 5 Toons and still have to see what left of that but let it cool for a few days please maybe the EPW staff finds a solution lets :) and go ingame

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  • ashaushasuahsuashu... stfu.
Calm yo tits. once again. Time lost cannot be regained, relax and have fun please
i also lost, but not bitching

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aye i hear ya but for older players the apple is the most sour i hope for them there will be other solutions

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The extra gold will easily make up for your lost money and gear. You can use the gold to make most of your gear anyway. If you can solo FC you get about 5% each run at lv 149 if you kill all the mobs. So just chill. Things happen and you just have to suck it up and work with what you have. Besides it is just a game...

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I think you got off lightly I have loss most of my toons and my level 140 stuff and all my desent stuff as well.

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The server ***ed up now!! All got rare flight token etc ! In 5 days you can vote 3 times a day so 1=45 gold
5x45=225 gold all players will get super level scroll go to 150 lv and have full dragon set ! So server is now easy and no worthing playing again cause all will be 150 full !