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I'm a new guy :)

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Greetings! Citizens of Epic PW! :)
I'm Janrey (You can also call me Jan). I am new to this server. I am from Perfect World International (RT) but quitted last October. I have also played Private servers like LPW, SPW, FPW and Deva. I heard this server is awesome from my 2 bros, so I also started to play this game. I hope we get along well :)

As you can see, I'm also an Otaku Lol. (Proud to be)

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This is the best private server ever.
The GM's do actually help when u ask them to help and they do actually listen to your opinion.
This server wasn't created to get money but to HAVE FUN

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Nice to meet you.

I am on Raging Tide too since Sep. 2009. Didn't play constantly.
Have Sage Cleric lvl 92, Mystic 69 and all others lvl 49-51, except Psychic.
Only my Wiz is lvl 35.

After seeing EPW, the stupid, greedy and cheating PWI is hard to play again.
Trying to login there from time to time just to talk with friends.
Players are very good people.

Here have Cleric lvl 149 and Seeker back to lvl 110.
Seeker was also married, I hope with all my heart that my love will marry me again.
At least I still have paper with list of people invited, we can invite all of them again.

This server have very good people working on it, and very good people playing it.
Agatio is the main character in this story.
He just saved part of the crashed database.
Unfortunately, it was impossible to save all, that's why my Seeker is back to lvl 110.

Looks like you will get along very well.


BTW, during next 5 days is more important to vote than usually.

On the Web site (home page), in upper right corner one of the links is "Vote for Cubi".
Login there using your game account, not forum account.

Usually you can vote every 6 hours for 2 sites, getting 25 Silver for your Boutique per vote.
It was 50 Silver per voting session, and later will be again.

Next 5 days it is still every 6 hours, but every vote will give you 7.5 gold.
It is 15 gold per voting session.

Don't miss it.
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"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.