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hi i know i fail so much but this is my first work,if you guys are beginners like me it would have been nice if we shared our work in here together to see improvements/stagnationwise im going to put more and you can say it's ugly or you don't like it but please refrain from insulting anyone, im trying to chill with you guys so show some love with your pen work at nights bearing through headaches and toothaches and what not, that you are not able to play atm like me and just waiting to get rid of your dead teeth thats causing inflamation and pain 25/8 thanks to chemicals in food these days.Thank you very much.I am not an attention whore i just wanted to say how it feels.[/img]


Tbh, for someone who can't even doodle-draw like me, THAT is awesome lol.

Make me one?


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Much better than what I can draw, good job. :)

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I Win~
Kidding, I like your drawing, I can't get pass drawing sticks xD and I think it's great that you shared it with us.


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