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server crash

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nevermind we're good

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yea i fixed.. yw

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I really think this is a issue that needs looking into.  The randon client crashes is becoming a real problem.  I know Agatio has said before "it's not the server",  I hate to argue but that is not the truth.  Laggy as hell then boom client crash.  When trying to log back on, the ping on the servers is 3000, and you say it's not the servers?
I'm sure they will be the people who say..what? I have to lag, I have no crashes, well goody for you.
But in reality should these kind of numerous daily crashes even be happening?
Really now, can this be looked into asap, and fixed?

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Client crashes are fault of buggy PWI client, it's been always happening and there's not much I can do about it (it's almost impossible to find out why they happen, because the exact reason of the crash is not stored in the logs).
The 'server crash' TragedysRose meant, was the firewall disconnection (anti ddos provided by third party company). So the only issues are these which aren't dependent on me...