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How don't i see the stealth of some assassins ?

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Hello Guys i'm newbie in epic pw (Something like 2 weeks more or less ), and i have a question to do.
First, let me explain the situation:
some days ago i was in pvp to have fun with the others players,
everything was going well, but then an assassin attacks me from behind, but i can't see him, and he easily kills me.
PS: i'm a demon assassin level 150, with all the skills at max , so how i can't see him ?

I heard something about a potion that increases stealth lv by 15, something like Cloak potion.It's true ? and if is true how i can get it ?
Please help me with this i'm so mad. :'(

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Even if you are 150 with maxed skills doesn't mean you can see other stealthed sins.The thing that increases vision is called Detection Potion,you can only see stealthed players by using it or if you AOE reveal them, however Detection Potions cannot be used by assasins.Hope this helped!~GL.
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very strong

read the skill description of your shadow escape again

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yellow stealth - shadow escape makes it unable for others sins to see you, you can only see them if they use purple one - shadow walk

edit: oh and that potion is named revelation potion and increases stealth detection lvl by 31 lvls, but sins cant use it

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aww, i forgot to upgrade Shadow Escape, now everything is clear
now i see, this question was a noob stuff. :))
Thank you Guys, especially VookieCookie, you help me a lot.

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wait wat
How can it be alright now that u upgraded ur yellow stealth? U still cant see 150 yellow stealthed sin.
Much lie
Pls GN remov pshy it are to strong im cant kill it
all time seal
they is always go wait vodo wen i spark and noob phys immunity
pls remov

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the Shadow Escape skill will only allow you to stealth and NOT be detected by other Assassins.
so if you use Shadow escape you won't be in any trouble unless you come out of stealth.
if the other Assassin is in stealth by using Shadow Escape you will NOT see him either.
and as it was said, you can't use those potions. the only solutino for u is to aoe on something and reveal them  :rolleyes:

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purple=not very safe
yellow beri safe one


purple=not very safe
yellow beri safe one
Both not safe, most sins die stealthed

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yelow = strong
purple= noob

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good luck

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good luck

blue name FTW  8)