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Maybe too long to read. I am suggesting Loki, of Norse Mythology, as a special boss similar to Ares.

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Its a initially good idea, but will need some work done with the rewards / that 1% chance to get a sceptor with GM Powers seems a bit OP, even if it is 1%. I like your thoughts on having a EPW boss that will actually be a challenge though lmao (aside from little world bosses) good post. Cheers :)
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You have a 1% chance to acquire Loki's Scepter, which gives the powers of a GM special item for 10 hours and then it shatters and is useless. Notice, though, that you have to put it ON and THEN the timer starts.

Nah  :normal-28:

Overall it sounds quite good, I like the stages.
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I like the idea, but I don't think immunity switching is possible. :( Would be awesome though and it would encourage party play.

Cue rage about "more pve"...
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harder pve boss, maybe ppl that like pve will like that - on a side note the GM wep idea is a nonononononono
hell yea

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i didn't know people cared about pve this much
i go to ares its just like
oh time to kill a bar of hp that sometimes hits me

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No to the "gm power" thing because it'd kill PK and it doesnt sound good for TW either


Yeah, I definitely see your point about the scepter. Loki would probably switch the stats to 1 just to screw with you...

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The PVE Idea,ok,my barbs can tank sparta,about scepter,no.

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Too much work for a bad reward

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The PVE Idea,ok,my barbs can tank sparta,about scepter,no.
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Too much work for a bad reward

As I said, this is an IDEA. They could bolster the prizes, I don't care, I was just giving suggestions.

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It'd be nice to have another event for killing bosses besides ares and princess event; good idea except for the GM thing.

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+ a boss event midweek or something like that (maybe a baby version of Ares for the people who aren't 150 yet). 100 EC + 50 ST as a prize is way better though but not excessive. No to the scepter though.

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Too much work for a bad reward