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help changing wizard skin to tideborn skin

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As title says I'm wanting to create a wizard that looks like a tideborn psy. Not sure if possible but I like the markings and characteristics of the tb.

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There's another forum post about this. You can read about it here:


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old race  Human Beastfolk Elves

new races  Tideborn earthguard

You are able to change things like eyes and hair across from old to new race with no real problems, just be prepared to manipulate the size of the head on the old race if you put the new race hair on as they are slightly larger.

In regard to the tideborn tatoos for face and body you can put them only on earthguard at least from my experience and what I have learned so far. You can put the skin text code for Earthguards on your Tides too but you will run into skin tone iissues between face and body sometimes happen, like your face will be a different color then the body color, I have seen some cool mods using this to enhance an appearance on a custom toon but it really depends on what you want your character to look like :)

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