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Can we use HACKs/BOTs?

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Ever since Private Servers meant to give their Players a unfair boost compared to Official Servers, i see no meaning to be denied...
Things like: Auto-attack next enemy, climb mountains on foot, or walk on water, would have GREAT effect on ANY player who would play this!
If is allowed, i would have an INFINITY number of Friend who would Vote for Cubi :normal-42:

Please, don't hurt Animals, is pure cruelty and being a heartless.

what would you do if an alien appear out of nowhere, shoot a beam at your mother and teleport to his ship before you could even take a step?
for the Animals that is the same thing!!!
If you're asking if you can bot/hack, I believe the answer is no lol.

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8.1.  Abusing ingame glitches and unintended developer bugs to get any advantage is forbidden.
         Breaking this rule will result on the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned.
  • 2nd. Player will be banned for 24 hours.

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LoL .... The fact that this is a Private server doesn't mean that u can walk on water or some sh1t like that ....
It means that u don't have to pay for ALMOST ANYTHING , compared to the official server , and the drop rates are increased as u can see...
Server rates:
Exp x1000
Spirit x100
Gold x150

You have everything u want here , reskinns , flyers , fashions , mounts ... wich on official PWI will cost a LOT !.
Private server - Where you don't have to pay FOR ALMOST ANYTHING !.
This is just to farm posts   :normal-42: :normal-42: :normal-42: :normal-42:

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lmao I cant believe this guy is saying if hes allowed to "hack" all his friends will come and vote daily for epicpw?

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let the picture speak.


This is a private server. Things are VERY easy to get here. Why in the world would you want to CHEAT? lol

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GM alt Desist/iBan/_Night
I guess everyone was on my profile :$